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9 Best Induction Cooktops in India (2020) : Reviews & Comparisons

Best induction cooktop in India

Are you a student or living in a hostel or even living with a family and searching for the best induction cooktop but confused about which cooktop to purchase, then this article is for you.

You came to the perfect location. Within the following article, you’ll locate whatever you want to know more about the best Induction cooktop in India. An induction cooktop is very important in your life if you are living in a hostel or by rent because it reduces the cooking time by 50 percent. 

The requirement for induction stoves has progressed to a very great extent in the past couple of decades.

And due to this enormous demand, companies have manufactured various products of the induction cooktop and launched them in the Indian marketplace to fulfil the customer needs.

Best induction cooktop

It’s perhaps not feasible throughout this busy schedule of life to check at many different services and products and finish your requirements.

So, below we’ve provided a list of those 10 most excellent induction cooktops in India selected by our specialists to get your task simpler.

Also, we have discussed the pros and cons of each of the product included in this particular list.

At the end of this article, we have provided you with a fantastic buyers guide which consists of crucial factors that you should keep in mind before purchasing the best induction cooktop.

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Before you decide to purchase an induction stove, a vital element to consider is wattage.

If wattage is high, quicker is the cooking time. Induction stoves with 1900-2000 Watts energy consumption would be the perfect cooktop suitable for cooking.

Best induction cooktop

Best Induction cooktop in India

Now study in detail all the comprehensive features of the products mentioned above in the table.

1. Prestige PIC 15.0+ 1900-Watt Induction Cooktop

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The Prestige company delivers an induction cooktop with consistent and quick heating at high efficiency.

The company continues to be at the forefront of invention, and it has become the fastest-growing company in the manufacturing of kitchen appliances & gratifies the many needs of home & kitchens in the nation.

Prestige includes different product collection which ranges from pressure cookers, non-stick cookware, gas stoves, induction cooktops, mixer grinders etc. with a combination of electrical devices and kitchen appliances.

best induction cooktop

PowerOperating voltageWarrantyBody material
1900 watt230 volt1 yearFull glass

Key Features;-

  •  Full procedure computer control
  • Hidden feather touch buttons 
  • Automatic keep-warm function
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator
  • Anti-magnetic Wall
  • Different types of Indian menu options.

Prestige manufactures an induction cooktop with the latest full procedure computer control technological innovation, which automatically sets the power and temperature according to different meals you cook and helps in fast and secure cooking.

This cooktop is sold with hidden Feather-Touch buttons that prevent the entrance of water within the cooktop.

It comprises a Timer button that will help to correct the timer by pressing on ‘plus/minus’ button and includes a pause function for extra convenience.

Even the Prestige induction cooktop comes with an automatic keep-warm function that will keep the food warm for approximately 4 hrs, this saves your time and enhances the product usefulness.

The product comes with an inbuilt automatic voltage regulator which protects the induction cooktop from being damaged due to voltage fluctuations and thus improving its durability and performance.

The cooktop includes anti-magnetic walls making sure the dark glass panel warms just in the centre while keeping the surface cool.

The item includes great Power Saver Technology which may track the warmth of their cookware and restrain the heat level based on requirements.

Thus it will help to maintain your power bill low by preventing unnecessary wastage of energy.

Another outstanding feature of the product is that it includes a variety of different Indian Menu Options which allows you to prepare tasty and rich Indian food such as chapati, idli, curries, dosa, etc. only just by merely a touch of a button.

  • Outstanding performance and fantastic looks.
  • Shield against voltage changes
  • Eco-friendly merchandise
  • Effortless to keep and utilize
  • Includes a power saver technology
  • May be not feasible to make use of all sorts of Indian kitchen utensils.

2 . Philips HD4929 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop

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Philips is a large and trusted name from the Indian sector. Philips delivers many kitchen products and solutions that make cooking joyous and straightforward.

Philips induction cooktops are made from ceramic stuff. It is therefore powerful and resistant to elevated temperature. It permits you for using various utensils which are made from different metals.

best induction cooktop

Power consumptionVoltage WarrantyPower levels
2100 watt220 V1 year

Key Features:-

  • Programmed for Indian cooking 
  • Electromagnetic induction technology 
  • Automatic off function saves electricity and enhances performance.
  • 2100 Watts Power consumption for fast cooking
  • 0 to 3 hours of time setting
  • Neither burns fuel nor produces toxic gases
  • “Cool-to-touch surface” prepares meals harmlessly

Philips induction cooktop has various preset cooking menus; therefore, you may cook readily without assessing temperature.

Another fantastic facet of this cooktop is it includes a push button which enables anyone to regulate it readily.

Rotis and dosas might be readily prepared in breakfast as there’s not any chance of the problems like burning a fire. Therefore, you can enjoy cooking with taste and creativity.

Philips has manufactured induction cooktops with the combination of all the newest technology, such as customized programs for making Indian dishes and also extra-safe automatic-off function.

Thus it saves electricity and enhances performance.

The cooktop utilizes the 2100 watts power consumption which allows you to cook meals exceptionally quickly.

With this induction cooktop, every member of the family can be capable of making all sorts of meals very quickly.

Finally, if you decide to buy a Philips HD4929 Induction cooktop, afterwards, you’re entirely secure and comfortable in the kitchen.

  • Premium excellent glass plank
  • Comes at inexpensive rates
  • 2100 W energy intake ensuring fast cooking.
  • Includes an Auto-shutoff feature for protection
  • Allows comfortable Cooking without Producing Flame.
  • Comes with Customized inbuilt programs for making Indian dishes.
  • 2100 watts power consumption is relatively high; nonetheless, it’s less expensive compared to the LPG in every manner.

3. Pigeon by Stovekraft Cruise 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop

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Pigeon is known for manufacturing great appliances for the kitchen. The brand has shown itself by giving quality services and products at lower rates.

Pigeon Induction Cooktop is among those induction cooktops in India with appealing value and characteristics. It allows you to prepare your favourite dishes with comfort and saves your time. 

best induction cooktop

Power consumption Power inputWarrantyControl
1800 watt220 V 1 yearPush button

Key Features:-

  • Works on the electromagnetic induction phenomenon
  • Dual heat sensor technology
  • 7 Segments LED Display
  • 1800 watts Power consumption ensuring fast cooking.
  • Auto Switch Off Preset Timer
  •  High-grade electric material to protect from short circuits.
  • Different pre-set menus include curry, heat milk, idly, sauce etc.

Let us take a review of the intriguing features of this product.

The 7-segments LED display introduces an all pure collection of menus. This saves your time & allows you to prepare trouble-free cooking. 

The cooktop includes feather touch buttons, which allows you to choose a particular pre-set menu and adjust the cooking time according to it.

It also guarantees that the water doesn’t enter the internal regions of the appliance.

The Auto-shut off feature of this item immediately shuts off the cooktop after the time fixed by you is achieved or if not Being Used. This creates the apparatus Power efficient by avoiding unnecessary wastage of energy.

Dual Heat Sensor Technology lets you perform cooking better.

Yet another handy Quality of the item is that the Pre Set Menus. This cooktop includes several different pre-set Menus like pressure cook, Sauce, Curry, warmth milk, deep fry, idly, etc.

The temperature and time are fixed beforehand according to the dependence on this recipe. 

This cooktop includes high-quality electric accessories which protect you and cooktop from short circuits.

Thus, its high-grade quality and excellent performance permit you to experience long time service from the product.

  • Higher efficiency.
  • Conserve Electricity and time.
  • Effortless to work and Simple to Clean.
  • High quality stuff.
  • Eco Friendly product.
  • Dual heat sensor technology
  • Can’t use All Sorts of kitchen utensils onto the induction Cooktop.

4. Bajaj Majesty ICX 7 1900-Watt Induction Cooktop

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Bajaj is a famous brand in India that developed itself in a variety of industries which range from vehicle to finance.

Majesty ICX 7 1900-Watt Induction cooktop is one such product that’s among the very best induction cooktops in India at present.

The bajaj manufactures induction cooktops by giving preference to both Indian and Western meals. Therefore, it cooks both types of food quickly and makes the process of cooking effortless.

best induction cooktop

Power consumption Power input Warranty Control 
1900 watt220V 1 year Push button

Key Features:-

  • Digital LED display
  •  Contains 8 pre-set menus to prepare your prefered dishes.
  • 1900 W Power consumption capacity
  • Inbuilt voltage regulator
  • Tact-switch controller
  •  Auto-shut-off feature 

The Bajaj Induction Cooktop contains 8 pre-set menus for preparing your preferred dishes. The list comprises stew, soup, braise, boil, deep fry, fry, hotpot, and stir fry.

Another crucial characteristic of the product includes an auto-shutoff feature which shuts off the cooktop in 1 minute if it is not able to identify any utensil kept on it.

Thus, it saves electricity and improves the performance of cooktop.

It includes an electronic digital LED display that’s not just pleasant to appear at but also be beneficial once you’re using it for cooking.

Even the Tact-switch controller provides options to customize the cooking time for unique dishes. Also, it includes a fashionable, soft to use touch panel.

The Bajaj ICX 7 Induction cooktop includes a vast 1900 W Power consumption capacity which makes it efficient for the everyday cooking needs.

It includes a large heating surface which makes it fit for larger utensils and helps in overall cooking.

Stainless Steel Rice Cookers, Cast Iron Frying Pots, Oil Boiling Pots, Stainless Steel Water Jugs and Grilling Iron Plates can be kept on this cooktop.

The bajaj induction cooktop includes an inbuilt voltage regulator which protects it against the voltage fluctuations.

  • Premium quality black glass
  • Programmed for both Indian and western cooking.
  • Presence of distinct detectors enhances overall functionality.
  • Mobile, since you can go anywhere.
  • Energy-efficient appliance.
  • 8 pre-set menus also make it a convenient device to possess.
  • Plastic body.
  • 1900 watts power consumption may increase your electricity bill.

5. Usha Cook Joy (3616) 1600-Watt Induction Cooktop

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best induction cooktop

Usha is just another reputed appliance and also a consumer enduring model in India.

Together with top-performing services and products, the creators of Usha worldwide corporation have made trust and esteem from clients around India and also abroad.

Power consumptionPower inputWarrantyPre-set menu option
1600 watts230 V1 year5

Key Features:-

  • Pan sensor technology
  • 5 Pre-set menus with a built-in timer.
  • Auto-power protecting mode
  • Anti-skid feet
  • Resistant to voltage fluctuation
  • Copper coil and temperature controller
  • Auto shut off feature.
  • 1600 watts power consumption

Now, tiny families prefer to use the induction cooktops on account of the advantage element. As a portable product, it also conserves both fuel & time as compared to other cooking methods.

Usha induction cooktops are superb convenient appliances for the kitchen utilized for preparing food at a simple and comprehensible manner.

These advanced, technologically manufactured induction cooktops aren’t just glossy and excellent to appear at, but simple to wash also.

They include a copper coil and even a temperature controller to nutritious and secure cooking. They’re power efficient also.

The most exciting feature with the induction cooktop also includes an auto-power protecting mode that stops overheating.

The bowl detector is another superior feature as the cooktop switches off automatically if it does not feel any utensil kept onto its surface area.

Thus, it helps in preventing unnecessary injuries and avoids additional wastage of power.

This induction cooktop contains five pre-set menus together with added guide controllers, i.e., built-in timer to prepare various dishes.

The five most pre-set cooking choices include milk, idly, dosa/roti, curry, & deep fry that helps to cook your favourite dishes quickly.

The anti-skid feet stop the apparatus from slipping or falling whenever you fry your snacks. Also, you can use different types of utensils on the induction cooktop.

In addition, it’s feasible to add the temperature and timer while working with the push buttons onto the touch board. Also, the presence of Heat index allows you to view the present heating.

Finally, this induction cooktop is valuable equipment to help you with your cooking tasks.

  • Power-saving Attributes make it a Superb Apparatus to Possess.
  • Sufficient Pre-set Menus along with a built-in timer.
  • Eye-catching Layout.
  • Pan Detector Tech
  • Energy efficient
  • Perfectly suitable for students and small families.
  • No fire risk or gas leakage.
  • The plastic Frame may not make it a Lasting appliance
  • 1600 watts may not be fit for large families.

6. iBell 2000W Glass Induction Cooktop

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best induction cooktop in india

iBELL provides a robust induction cooktop in the Indian market, which includes outstanding qualities.

iBELL is still a community Indian brand; it keeps great recommended its status on the market by providing excellent quality and more efficient solutions, notably at economical prices.

Power ConsumptionInput VoltageWarrantyProduct weight
2000 watts220V1 year1.6 kg

Key Features:-

  • Auto shutoff protecting mode
  • Pre-set timer option
  • 2000 watts large power consumption
  • Consists of Premium top quality coils 
  •  Inbuilt voltage regulator
  • Pre-set cooking menus with performance controller
  • Overheat protection
  • Includes a LED display

All categories of induction cooktop by iBELL are capable of satisfying every requirement of complex and simple cooking.

This cooktop includes multi cooking functions and pre-set menus with performance controllers.

The most impressive feature of the induction cooktop is the auto-shutoff protecting mode that automatically switches off the induction cooktop if the heating panel is found empty.

It conserves the electricity together with protecting the machine from damage and overheating.

This cooktop includes a broad area for cooking with multiple cooking choices, thus making it simple to cook meals at vast quantities.

The timer option enables you to pre-set the cooking time after which it automatically shuts off the cooktop and protects the cooktop from overheating.

An LED display is present with the product, which permits you to look at the temperature degrees and pre-set timings.

Premium top quality coils are employed within this apparatus to provide the best cooking experience at every temperature.

It also includes an inbuilt voltage regulator which protects the cooktop from being damaged due to voltage fluctuations.

This induction cooktop is genuinely a light apparatus which you could carry in addition to your picnic trips.

  • Capable of resisting substantial voltage changes.
  • Lightweight apparatus with vital characteristic
  • Multiple Cooking Functions are available
  • Auto-shutoff is a Superior safety attribute
  • High Excellent crystal
  • Makes a few Sound
  • Service centers Aren’t Easily Available

7.  Havells Insta Cook PT 1600-Watt Induction Cooktop

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best induction cooktop

Havells is among the favourite Indian source companies that have been providing domestic and kitchen appliances for many years.
Havells is just another reputed manufacturer of kitchen appliances in India.

Power consumptionPower inputCooking modesCord length
1600 watt220V61.2m

Key Features:-

  • Variable temperature setting option
  • 6 preset cooking menus
  • Digital LED display for trouble-free cooking
  • Auto pan detection sensors
  • Auto shutoff feature 
  • Pre-set timer upto 3 hours
  • Easy to clean surface

As an environment-friendly appliance, this cooktop holds an advanced level induction technology, helping to make it convenient and safe to utilize.

The cooktop includes a variable temperature setting option. The temperatures could be adjusted with the amount of heat necessary for every single dish you make.

The induction cooktop comprises of an automatic shut off feature.

It means cooktop automatically shuts off after the pre-set time or at high temperature. Hence it consumes less power and also preventing food from burning off.

Another vital speciality of Havells cooktop is it includes auto-pan detection sensors which automatically power off the apparatus if it is not able to detect any utensils kept on the heating surface.

It carries a light-emitting diode display, i.e. LED display for a selection of different pre-set menus and offers you comfortable cooking.

The cooktop includes multiple pre-set cooking menus including idly, dosa, curry, milk, frying and so on.

It consists of a smart technology which adjusts the temperature according to the unique dishes you prepare.

It includes an inbuilt pre-set timer feature that allows you to set the specific timer up to 3 hours for a particular dish you prepare. So that you can finish your remaining work and the food will prepare without getting burnt.

Its contemporary design will perfectly match the decor of your kitchen and bring compliments for you.

  • 6 preset cooking menus.
  • Digital LED display for superb performance.
  • Auto pan detection sensors for automatic power off.
  • Attractive Soft Touch panel.
  • Ergonomic and easy to clean design.
  • Innovative technology helps in preventing food from burning.
  • The soft touch panel is not offered in most models of Havells.
  • 1600 watts power consumption is relatively less for large families.

8. Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop

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best induction cooktops

Philips has been providing exemplary quality services and products to Indian consumers at affordable rates for quite a while.

Viva Series, HD4928 / 01 2100-Watt Induction cooktop, is among the very best induction cooktops in the market with many incredible advantages and engaging price.

Power consumptionInput voltagewarrantyCord length
2100watts220V1 year1.2m

Key Features:-

  • Advanced level Electromagnetic Induction Technology
  • Programmed for Indian cooking
  • 6 pre-set cooking menus to prepare your prefered dishes
  • 2100 watts high power consumption
  • Auto Pan detector sensors
  • Auto power off technology
  • Pre-set timers to set up to 3-hour timer
  • Inbuilt voltage regulator

The product doesn’t need any setup. It is ready to operate as you plug it into the electric outlet. It’s a 1.2-meter-long cord that offers enough flexibility to the cooktop.

The advanced level Electromagnetic Induction Technology of this item ensures high heat efficiency.

In addition to this, innovative technology lastly keeps nutrients in food and also prevents a lack of vitamins.

This induction cooktop comprises of 6 pre-set fixed cooking menus which enables you to cook your favourite Indian dishes with ease.

The temperature for particular dishes is set in advance, which prevents unnecessary wastage of energy.

The cooktop also includes an auto-pan detector technology which automatically shuts off the cooktops if it is not able to identify any utensils kept on the heating surface of the pan.

Another useful feature of the product includes the pre-set timer, i.e. time-setting function.

It allows one to place a timer from 0 to 3 hours, and in this circumstance, there’s not any chance of the burning of food.

The Touch control panel is another helpful feature of the item, which makes the use of product easy and allows you to change the functionality of the cooktop easily.

The induction cooktop utilizes a power consumption of 2100 watts which lets you cook extremely fast.

With this particular induction cooktop, you can execute different sorts of cooking for a big family rapidly. It also allows you to use different types of utensils on it.

So cooking with the induction cooktop doesn’t need any flame, and does not discharge any toxic gases into the surroundings. Therefore induction cooking is very advantageous to the environment.

  • Especially programmed for Indian cooking
  • Premium excellent glass plank
  • Comes at inexpensive rates
  • Auto-shut off feature for protection
  • Eco friendly product
  • Comes with 1.2 metre long cord
  • 2100 watts power consumption is huge, but it’s less expensive compared to the LPG in every manner.

9. Prestige PIC 20 1200 Watt Induction Cooktop with Push Button

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prestige 1200 min

Prestige is currently India’s no.1 kitchen appliance brand. It fulfils the many needs of dwelling products in the nation.

It includes a varied product portfolio that ranges from induction cooktops, microwave ovens, mixer grinders to various home and electric appliances.

The business of the company is at the forefront of invention, and it became the fastest-growing company in the manufacturing of the kitchen appliances.

Power consumptionInput voltagewarrantyControl panel
1200W230V1 yearPush button

Key Features:-

  •  Full procedure computer control
  • Feather touch buttons to prevent the entrance of water.
  • Preset cooking menus
  • Power-saver technology
  • Auto-shuts off feature 
  • Pre-set timer
  • Inbuilt automatic voltage regulator
  • Includes anti-magnetic walls

Prestige cooktop supports the innovation of full procedure computer control technology, and itself includes it.

Full procedure computer control technology automatically adjusts the temperature and power consumption for the different dishes and helps in effective cooking.

The cooktop comes with anti-magnetic walls ensures that the black glass panel heats up only in the centre and maintaining other portion of the glass panel at room temperature.

It includes pre-set cooking menus like idly, milk, chapati, dosa, etc. with adjusted temperature and power consumption so that you can prepare tasty dishes without any trouble.

This saves unnecessary power consumption and enhances its performance.

The cooktop holds an inbuilt Automatic Voltage Regulator that protects the cooktop during voltage fluctuations and automatically adjusts the voltage according to the demand.

Thus, enhancing the performance and durability of the cooktop.

The item includes excellent Power Saver Technology which shuts off the cooktop at high temperature and can also adjust the power level as per the size of the vessel.

It automatically powers off the cooktop if unable to identify any utensils kept on it. Thus it will help to maintain your power bill low by preventing unnecessary wastage of energy.

The cooking surface is smooth and flat; this makes the cleaning of surface easy and fast.

The cooktop is movable; thus, you can keep it at any place according to your need, or you can carry it with you anywhere.

The Prestige cooktop includes feather touch buttons that’ll protect the cooktop from the entrance of water. Thus makes it a long-lasting model.

  • Power saver technology
  • Effortless to wash and keep
  • Highly-efficient due to the presence of the Anti Magnetic walls
  • Auto-pan detecting sensors
  • Eco-friendly product
  • 1200-watt power consumption. Cooking may take more time than other powerful induction cooktops
  • Makes sound

10. Wonderchef Power Induction Cooktop, 1800 Watts, Push button control

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Best induction cooktop in India

Wonderchef is a pioneer in cookware and kitchen appliances which enable the users to cook healthy tasty food with simplicity.

Italian standards of quality, Italian designs, and continuous innovation all are the hallmarks of Wonderchef.

Power consumptionInput voltagewarrantyControl panel
1800W220V2 yearsPush button

Key Features:-

  • Programmed for Indian cooking
  • A-class micro-crystal plate 
  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • Power saver technology
  • Includes inbuilt indicators
  • 1800 watts power consumption for fast cooking
  • 11 pre-set functions with adjusted temperature
  • Includes high-grade electric accessories
  • Pre-set timer

This cooktop uses high-grade electric accessories that protect against short circuits.

It includes an A-class micro-crystal plate that can withstand during high temperatures, which makes it quite durable.

The pre-programmed setting comes with an automatic shut-off characteristic, thereby consuming less electricity.

It has precise management and improved energy efficiency. This appliance can be utilized to cook solid food in addition to liquids.

It includes 11 pre-set modes with adjusted temperature and power consumption, thus ensures secure cooking without food getting burnt.

The Wonderchef presents a carefully designed product. It makes the appliance not only effectively compact but also stylish at the same time.

You can efficiently utilize any induction-friendly utensil for cooking on this particular induction cooktop.

The induction includes a pre-set timer which allows you to set the timer upto 3 hours and then power-saver technology automatically shuts-off the cooktop after a pre-set time.

Thus, it makes the cooktop an eco-friendly & energy-efficient product.

This induction cooktop includes inbuilt indicators. These indicators signify temperature, input voltage, timer, etc.

  • Glossy and Trendy design adds beauty to a kitchen
  • Advance Double-layer coil to get massive heat dissipation
  • Environment-friendly and energy-efficient product.
  • Programmed for Indian cooking
  • A-class micro-crystal plate for high-temperatures
  • Warranty: Two years on product
  • Consumes 1800 watts power that is high

What is an Induction cooktop?

An induction cooktop in a simple language is defined as the apparatus that works on the electromagnetism principle. In induction cooking, vessels are heated by means of electrical induction rather than thermal conduction.

Induction cooktops hold a copper coil below the ceramic plate, and at the time when a cooking vessel is kept onto the cooktop, the alternating current is passed into it and makes the cooking vessel warm.

It keeps the remaining surface at room temperature except the centre portion of the glass panel so that you can touch it during the time of cooking.

Now modern induction cooktop includes an advanced power-saver technology with the combination of pre-set timer that helps to conserve both time and energy by automatically shutting off the cooktop after pre-set conditions.

Best Induction Cooktop – Buying Guide

best induction cooktops

We’ve observed the 10 most excellent products of induction cooktops out there in India. Every one of these cooktops holds outstanding characteristics and few limitations.

All of these cooktops have one thing in common, i.e. all of the cooktops permits you to cook your meals quickly.

We highly recommend you to read this buying guide completely to become familiar with essential factors that you should keep in mind before purchasing an induction cooktop.

Let’s examine the qualities of an induction cooktop which should influence one to get it.

Why do you need an Induction Cooktop?

Let us have a look at the benefits of induction cooking:-

Types of induction cooktop

1. Single-element induction cooktop

single element induction cooktop

Single element induction cooktop, as the name itself suggests a cooktop which permit single element at a time, i.e., at a time you can keep only one utensil on the induction cooktop for cooking as it includes only one heating surface which does not permit multiple cooking in the same time.

It consumes a maximum power of 2100 watts which is less as compared to a multi-element induction cooktop.

They are movable apparatus and extremely beneficial for small families and students.

2. Multi-element induction cooktop

Multi element induction cooktops

Multi-element induction cooktop permits you to prepare unique dishes together at a time.

You can find multiple cooking zones in this cooktop so that you can set various cooking utensils simultaneously.

Multi-element induction cooktop consumes a massive power of 3600 watts due to different heating surfaces. These are quite expensive and not portable cooktop.

You can fix them at one place in the kitchen, and then you can enjoy the cooking because they are large and consumes relatively more space.

They are very convenient for large families due to their multiple heating surfaces for cooking.

How to Choose an Induction Cooktop?

Our buying guide for induction cooktops is a collection of all the information required to purchase this item. Let us have a look at some crucial factors before you buy a cooktop.

1. Size

Before Picking the Dimension of an induction cooktop, you must consider two things:

Number of people:- If you’re alone or have a small family, we recommend you to buy a single element portable induction cooktop.

However, in case your family has more members, then you may desire a more impressive induction cooktop that includes atleast two cooking zones or even more.

Space availability:- You maybe can’t put a multi-element induction cooktop in the kitchen in case if you don’t have the required space, then stick with the portable cooktops or redesign your kitchen to acquire the built-in cooktop.

2. Cooking Zones

The number of cooking zones found on induction cooktop in the Indian market is ranging from 1 to 5.

The portable cooktops come on average with just one cooking zone, whereas the fixed or large size cooktops contain two to five zones.

A single zone induction cooktop is sufficient for a small family. For those who live in a joint family, then it’s preferable to pick out a multiple cooking zone induction cooktop, yet this kind of version isn’t well known in India.

 3. Power Consumption

Power consumption of an induction cooktop is calculated in Wattage.

According to the standard rule, the higher is power consumption faster the food will prepared. While purchasing, be aware of a cooktop that features 2000W power consumption.

The selection of energy consumption may vary based upon the cooktop size.

An induction cooktop with large size demands more energy consumption to supply immense power to the cooking vessel.

4. Pan Detection

Pan detection feature is a must in the induction cooktop. This feature makes sure that the induction cooktop can not work unless and until a proper sized pan or cooking vessel is set on the heating surface of the cooktop.

After the cooking utensil is being removed, heat creation or cooking operation is going to be ceased.

The cooking process and heat production are initiated when the pan is set on the heating area.

If an unsuitable cooking utensil is put onto the induction surface, then emblem or noise is produced, and after a while, the cooktop automatically shuts off.

5. Auto-Shut Off Feature

The auto shut off feature turns off the heating on the induction cooktop when you remove the cooking vessel.

Some times, we kept the pan on the induction cooktop and forgot it.

In these scenarios, if the pan detectors would detect the overheating of the vessel, they shut-off the cooktop to prevent additional heating.

6. Pre-Set Cooking Time

This is a vital feature in the induction cooktop, which allows users to pre-set the cooking time on the induction cooktop for dishes.

Also, you can set a specific cooking temperature for preparing a dish.

After the pre-set time and pre-set temperature cooktop will automatically shut-off, this saves your time so that you can concentrate on your multiple works.

7.  Child-Lock Safety Feature

The majority of the modern induction cooktop models comes with a child lock safety feature to protect the apparatus such that the kids do not mistreat it. It also protects the kids from getting burnt.

8. Touch Controls

It’s perfect to decide that induction cooktop, which includes a touch control panel rather than control knobs.

Touch control buttons are simple to use, easy to control, and offers better cleaning of the cooktop.

Incredible seem touch-panels provides an attractive appearance to the induction cooktop and subsequently makes your kitchen look better.

Final View on Induction Cooktops

induction cooktopssss min

Yes, an induction cooktop relies on power, but in the modern days, electricity cut doesn’t survive long.

If it is possible for you to tolerate the tiny sound create by the cooktop, then obtaining this appliance is really a great thing.

It’ll cook tasty food much quicker as compared to other cooking apparatus, also prevents unnecessary wastage of energy, and contains various prerequisite modes.

Most of all, an induction cooktop is secure to use. Therefore we fully suggest purchasing it.

Drawbacks of Induction Cooktops

The same as any other apparatus, induction cooktops also have some drawbacks together with advantages. We’ve mentioned them below.


Since induction cooktop is a new technology, therefore it is more expensive than other cooking procedures.

Not all Cooking Utensils Are Compatible

You might need to acquire special utensils for induction cooktops.

The cookware should be of cast iron or metal with a level underside.

Induction utensils are specially made to make sure that the detectors can feel them. So they are sometimes more costly than regular cookware.

Noise Levels

Ordinarily, whenever you turn the heat setting to’ high’, then there’s just a small noise.

The sound level is dependent upon cookware, how you set a cooking pan and also a material of which it is composed. 

Preparation work should be done early

This might not be a drawback for many people. Induction cooktops cook food at a much lesser time compared to conventional cooking methods.

Thus, you must finish the actions of vegetables that need to be used out ahead.

No power no cooking

With conventional cooking procedures, you can cook the food when power has gone. However, this isn’t true with induction cooktop as it requires electricity.

This induction cooktop buying-guide will do your job of purchasing the induction cooktop easy.

Let’s now take a look at a number of the frequently asked questions regarding induction cooktops.

Best Induction Cooktop – Frequently asked questions

1. Which is a better electric cooktop or induction cooktops?

The electric cooktops have an interior coil, which makes it dangerous to use. Cleaning it is another problem.

The electric cooktops consume more power as they take a longer time to cook meal.

The induction cooktop is only the opposite of all these, making it a better alternative over an electric cooktop.

2. Can induction cooktop cause a fire?

The crucial characteristic of the induction cooktop is that they are effortless to use and completely secure.

Induction cooktops come with power saver technology and auto shut off mode, which takes care of fire and avoids harming the user.

The cooktops black glass panel heats up only in the center where the cookware is kept, thus preventing fire during cooking.

3. What is the most significant drawback of the induction cooktop?

You can’t use all types of cooking vessels onto the induction cooktop.

They are to be made of iron or steel to prevent any unnecessary problems during cooking.

Copper bottomed utensils are not right for the induction stoves. Additionally, you have to use flat bottomed appliances, which will cover the plate’s whole center region.

4. Can I directly touch an Induction cooktop while it is on ?

Yes, possible. The outer part of these cooktops will not get heated during cooking. Thus, you’re able to touch them directly when it’s on.

But, be sure not to touch the base of the cookware when it is kept on the induction cooktop because the utensil will probably be hot and may cause an injury.

5. How long does an induction cooktop last?

A typical induction cooktop is designed to cook up to approximately 30000 hours.

This roughly translates into 8 years of use. But, you always need to look at the warranty period while buying.

6. What is the best induction cooktop for Indian hostellers, in which the wattage is a little bit low? Is the 2100 W induction cooktop suitable?

For hostellers, 1800 to 2000 watts induction cooktops are perfectly suited for fulfilling all of their essential needs.

Induction cooktops of prestige, Wonderchef and pigeon companies are entirely fit for their needs.

Yes, 2100 watt induction cooktops are perfectly suitable.

7. Which induction cooktop is better, Philips or Prestige?

Actually, this is the fundamental question. Many people will choose a product based on brands.

Prestige and Philips both are leading brands in India. You can decide the products of prestige and Philips brands based on the information and pros & cons mentioned above with particular products.

8. Which is better between a Philips HD4929/01 Induction Cooktop and a Philips HD4928/01 Induction Cooktop?

Philips Hd4929/01 is an updated version of Hd4928/01.

It has a little more advanced features compared to the other, and the price difference between both of them is very low. You can go with Hd4929/01 product if you does not have a budget issue.

Other features you can compare as mentioned above with products.

9. What is the best induction stove brand available in INDIA?

Top 7 Induction Cooktop Brands In India


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Finally, we have reached the end of the article.

We have discussed the best induction cooktops along with all the necessary information you require for purchasing the best induction cooktop.

After reading this article, you will surely clear regarding which cooktop to buy. If you have any query regarding induction cooktop then comment below, we will try to solve it.

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