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7 Best Wet Grinders in India (April 2022) – Expert Guide

In this article, we have provided information regarding the best wet grinders in India. The major topics we have covered here are a list of the best wet grinders, their reviews, comparisons, needs, a buyer’s guide, and FAQs. 

best wet grinders in india

A wet grinder can be quite useful and is highly effective if you frequently prepare South Indian foods like idlis, dosas, chutneys, and vadas. The amount of time you spend on grinding various materials is significantly reduced.

With the help of an electric motor, a wet grinder rotates granite stones inside a metal drum, crushing the food grains as they pass between the granite stones and the drum. Depending on your preference, you can grind these ingredients into a fine paste or a thick mixture respectively. This grinder can be used to grind a variety of foods, including pulses, grains, nuts, and a variety of other things.

When compared to mixers, which break the grains into smaller bits, a wet grinder crushes them, resulting in a real Indian taste with nutritious value retained. Furthermore, stones retain their sharpness for a longer period of time than metal blades.

What is a wet grinder?

A wet grinder is a food preparation appliance or a machine used to prepare batter and pastes for Indian dishes.

Basically, it grinds soaked grains, lentils into a fine paste for making idlis, dosas, etc, and here, stone grinding provides an authentic flavour of grain and the taste of dishes. Also, wet grinders can be used for coconut scraping to prepare tasty chutneys.

In a wet grinder, batter and pastes are prepared with the help of grinding stones rolling over the moving grains inside a stainless steel drum.

List of Best Wet Grinders in India 2022

Best Wet GrinderCheck PriceCapacityPower ConsumptionWarranty
Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold Table Top Wet Grinderelgi ultra grindgold compressed removebg preview 1

2 L150 Watts5 Years
Panasonic MK-SW 210 Wet Grinder BlackPanasonic MK SW 210 Wet Grinder Black with Atta Kneader Capacity removebg preview

2 L240 Watts5 Years
Elgi Ultra Perfect+ Wet GrinderElgi ultra perfect compressed removebg preview 1

2 L150 Watts10 Years
Ponmani Power Plus Tilting Wet GrinderPonmani power plus tilting wet grinder compressed removebg preview 1

3 L225 Watts2 Years
Ultra Mini compact Wet GrinderUltra mini wet grinder compressed 1 removebg preview

1.25 L85 Watts5 Years
SmartFingers Wet GrinderSmartFingers 120W Wet Grinder White compressed removebg preview

2 L120 Watts5 Years
Butterfly Rhino Plus Wet GrinderButterfly Rhino Plus Wet Grinder 2L Grey 150W compressed removebg preview 1
2 L150 Watts2 Years
Havells Alai Wet GrinderHavells Alai 2 Litre 150 watt Wet Grinder Pink 1 compressed removebg preview

2 L150 Watts2 Years
PREMIER Wonder Wet GrinderPREMIER Wonder 95W Wet Grinder Silver compressed removebg preview

1.5 L95 Watts1 Year

Why do you need a wet grinder in India?

Wet grinder is a necessary appliance that must be present in every Indian kitchen because preparing batter, pastes and kneading atta through your hands is a very difficult job. Moreover, these tasks demand much time during the completion process and thus keeps you engaged. 

The wet grinders made your kitchen life easier and effortless. From blending food ingredients, atta kneading, preparing batters for idli, dosa or maybe coconut Scraping, the wet grinder takes responsibility for your task and finishes it carefully. Just add all the right ingredients, switch the machine on, and then proceed with another task.

Yes, it is possible to complete all such tasks through the mixer grinder and food processor, but they are not capable of providing the real Indian taste required in dishes because mixer grinders and food processors perform all such tasks through the steel blade fitted in the jars. 

Therefore it lacks in providing the authentic flavour as provided by grinding stones and also generates a large amount of heat that results in less fermentation. 

Wet grinders are the modern innovative appliance that performs grinding through the grinding stones and prepares batter that provides real and natural Indian flavour like dishes prepared by our grandmother during olden days. 

best wet grinder in india

Top 9 Best Wet Grinders in India – Reviews

Now let us discuss the essential features and specialities of the above listed best wet grinders in detail.

1. Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold Table Top Wet Grinder, 2L


Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold is one of the best table top wet grinders in India. The brand performs extraordinarily in the market as wet grinders of Elgi Ultra available in India are the only appliances with the most positive customer reviews, essential features, and a global rating of above 4.3/5.

Key Features

  • Table Top wet grinder.
  • Heavy-duty and durable 150W motor.
  • AISI stainless steel drum.
  • Capacity of drum: 2L
  • Rust-proof material.
  • Conical grinding stones.
  • Lightweight and durable ABS body.
  • Noiseless and vibration-free operation.
  • Warranty: 5 Years.

The ABS plastic body of the Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold wet grinder presents it as lighter in weight and gives a strong, long-lasting nature that makes Elgi Ultra a highly durable wet grinder. 

Perfect grinding is not possible without a robust and heavy-duty motor. Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold wet grinder fitted with a sturdy, durable, and high performance 150W motor that operates continuously with a constant speed without heating the batter. 

Also, the noise generated by the motor is much less, which results in the noiseless and vibration-free operation of the wet grinder. 

The superior quality of the Elgi Ultra wet grinder is that it carries patented Conical Stones rather than circular or cylindrical stones. When conical stones perform grinding, there is less heat generation and higher fermentation.

When such conical grinding stones prepare the batter, the outcome is soft and fluffy idlis with real and natural Indian flavour. Grinding stones takes almost 30 minutes to grind rice and dal.

This Ultra wet Grinder holds an AISI Stainless steel drum possessing a 2L capacity. Along with rust proof material, the convenient and spacious design of the drum provides the perfect environment for the grinding stones in executing the tasks. 

Also, such a multi-utility drum can be used to store the batter comfortably for more extended periods. These will solve your issue of moving the batter into another vessel for storage.  

The coconut scraper and atta kneader are the additional accessories included with this wet grinder, making the Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold capable of atta kneading, coconut scraping for chutneys, along with delicate batter and pastes. 

Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold table top wet grinder is the perfect and best wet grinder available in India for family kitchens. You can surely purchase Elgi Ultra as it is robust, highly durable and holds all the required features along with additional accessories. 

  • Perfectly suitable for family kitchens.
  • Lightweight, durable, and rust-proof wet grinder.
  • Ideal for preparing batter, kneading atta, & scraping coconut.
  • Includes Batter remover for cleaning batter from conical stones.
  • Drum can be used to store batter for a long time.
  • Conical grinding stones for higher fermentation.
  • Noise generated is very less.
  • No multiple speed controls.
  • No timer function.

2. Panasonic MK-SW 210 Wet Grinder Black, 2 L


Panasonic is an emerging brand in the Indian market for food processing appliances because the company continuously invests a lot of money and time in product innovation and market research to bring the best out of all for consumers. Panasonic provides a solution made in India, especially for Indians. 

Key Features

  • Lightweight, robust, long-lasting.
  • Fully Automatic.
  • Stainless steel 304-grade steel drum.
  • 2 Litre capacity.
  • 240 Watts powerful motor.
  • Automatic Timer.
  • Multiple-speed settings.
  • Grinding stones with Cutting grooves.
  • Transparent cover with spatula slot.
  • Warranty: 5 years on motor, 2 years on product.

Panasonic is another India’s best wet grinder brand because it manufactures wet grinders that are consumer-friendly, long-lasting, low-cost, high quality, and durable. 

Here Panasonic MK-SW 210 Wet Grinder holds the position in the list of best wet grinders in India due to its supreme features and positive consumer reviews. Let us discuss all of them in detail. 

The powerful 240 watts motor and best material quality of Panasonic MK-SW 210 Wet Grinder make it a perfect appliance for grinding, kneading dough, and preparing the batter for crispy Dosas, soft idlis, fluffy Vadas. 

The stainless steel 304-grade steel drum with a 2-litre capacity offers a perfectly suitable environment for performing tasks by grinding stones. This stainless steel drum does not react with food, and therefore it is easy to use and clean.  

The batter quality depends upon how grinding is performed through the grinding stones. The Panasonic MK-SW 210 wet grinder includes 2 excellent quality grinding stones having two cutting grooves, also known as cutting-edge 3D Alpha Flow technology, delivering 15% more efficient grinding.  

Panasonic’s fully Automatic Super Wet Grinder comes with a durable transparent lid that covers up the drum and allows a clear view inside the drum, which helps you check the grinding level. 

Also, the spatula slot present on the lid helps you check the batter quality without opening the lid. 

The automatic timer with multiple speed settings makes grinding an effortless task. Just set the timer and speed setting according to your requirement, and then you can proceed with another task.  

The outstanding aesthetics of this innovative and high-quality Panasonic MK-SW 210 Wet Grinder provides an exquisite look to your kitchen, and its compact size nature confronts the space issue. 

  • Transparent lid that offers a clear view inside.
  • Spatula slot.
  • Cutting-edge 3D Alpha Flow technology.
  • Atta kneader as an additional attachment.
  • Compact size and elegant design.
  • Perfect for grinding, kneading atta, & preparing batter.
  • Affordable, durable, and lightweight.
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean.
  • Operating sound is significantly less.
  • Coconut scraper is not provided with this grinder; one has to buy it separately.

3. Elgi Ultra Perfect+ Wet Grinder, 2 L


Elgi Ultra perfect+wet grinder is another best-wet grinder available in India from the Elgi ultra brand. The brand continuously updates its previous products with the latest features, helping users perform effortless grinding. 

Elgi Ultra perfect+wet grinder holds some exceptional quality that is not available in the Grind+ Gold model of the Elgi Ultra brand. 

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty 150 Watts Motor.
  • Multi-Utility Drum, 2L capacity.
  • Motor speed (without load) 1350 RPM.
  • AISI 304 Rust Resistant Stainless Steel drum.
  • ABS plastic body.
  • 10-Years Warranty.
  • Patented Conical Stones.
  • Beep alert and auto switch-off feature.
  • Power Requirement: 230V.

The feature that separates Elgi Ultra perfect+wet grinder from other products is its Electronic Timer With Buzzer function. The machine gets automatically switch-off after preset grinding time and starts producing a beep sound as an alarm. 

As you switch on the timer function, you can leave the batter for preparing, and during that time, you can complete your remaining task. 

Elgi Ultra perfect+wet grinder is equipped with a robust, powerful, high-performing 150 Watts motor for fine and uniform grinding. This heavy-duty motor plays a significant role in the performance of the wet grinder. Here the speed of the motor is 1350 RPM (without load). 

The drum present with Elgi Ultra Perfect+ Wet Grinder is AISI 304 Stainless Steel Drum. This drum is rust-resistant as well as a food-grade drum responsible for healthy food. One can store batter in a drum for a more extended period as it possesses rust-proof ability. 

The 2 litre capacity of the drum allows you to prepare batter in large quantities. Also, its well-planned and spacious design provides the perfect environment for grinding. 

The taste of idlis, dosas depends on how the batter is prepared, and the preparation of batter mostly depends upon grinding stones. Elgi Ultra Perfect+ Wet Grinder includes the same patented conical grinding stones as Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold Wet Grinder. 

Conical grinding stones don’t heat up the batter as it moves with uniform speed, resulting in effective grinding with higher fermentation.

The ABS plastic body of Wet Grinder makes it lighter in weight, durable, and its elegant look with excellent features allows your kitchen to shine brighter and appear attractive. 

Elgi Ultra Perfect+ Wet Grinder is the must-buy product for your kitchen because of its unique features, look, warranty period and available accessories. 

  • Dish shaped drum for effective and hassle-free grinding.
  • Batter Remover for cleaning of conical stones.
  • Electronic timer function with alarm.
  • Lightweight, durable and great look.
  • Dishwasher safe wet grinder.
  • Rust-resistant, multi-utility drum.
  • Creates low noise during operation.
  • Easy to operate with a timer.
  • Effortless to use and maintain.
  • Atta kneader and coconut scrapers are not provided with this grinder; one has to buy it.
  • No multiple speed settings.

4. Ponmani Power Plus 225W Wet Grinder


Ponmani Power Plus is the best tilting wet grinder in India among all other models of different brands because of its fast and safe grinding capability. It takes only 15-20 minutes of grinding time for grinding rice.

Ponmani has been the leading and pioneer manufacturer of tilting wet grinders since 1985. 

Key Features

  • Tilting wet grinder.
  • Lockless tilting system.
  • 225W copper winding motor.
  • Noiseless & Robust Drive System.
  • Capacity: 3 Litre.
  • High-density Granite stones.
  • Rust-proof stainless steel drum.
  • ABS plastic body.
  • 2 years warranty.

The robust and powerful 225W fully copper winding motor is the reason behind the high performance and fast grinding of the Ponmani Power Plus wet grinder. This LHLR technology based heavy-duty motor executes all the grinding tasks at a rapid rate. 

Ponmani Power Plus is the most suitable wet grinder for an extended family & a medium business because it holds a 3-liter rust-proof stainless steel drum ideal for grinding in vast quantities. 

Also, the lockless tilting system of Ponmani power plus contributes to easy and accessible batter collection from the drum through smart and safe tilt ability. 

The High Density Granite Stone ensures efficient and perfect grinding, the grinding that adds authentic Indian flavor in the batter for idlis, dosas. Granite stones never heats up the batter that results in the high-quality batter along with real taste.   

Atta Kneader and Coconut Scrapper are the additional accessories available with this wet grinder for making your Atta kneading process effortless and fast. Coconut scraper scrapes coconut easily for making delicious coconut chutney.  

  • Works continuously for 24 hrs.
  • Max grinding capacity: 1.5Kg rice or 350gms of Dal.
  • Innovative design and robust body.
  • Powerful LHLR technology Copper motor.
  • Effortless to maintain.
  • Creates low noise while operating.
  • Batter collection is easy (Tilt ability).
  • High performance and fast grinding.
  • Perfect for joint families.
  • No timer function.
  • No multiple speed setting.
  • Not Dishwasher safe.

5. Ultra Mini compact 1.25L Wet Grinder, 85 Watts


Ultra Mini compact Wet Grinder is the perfect grinding solution for small family kitchens. Suppose you are living in a family of 4-5 members and searching for a wet grinder. In that case, the Ultra Mini compact is valuable equipment as it can also be used to prepare wet chutney and grinding Puran used in making Puran-polis. 

Key Features

  • Perfect for a small family.
  • Powerful 85W copper motor.
  • Capacity: 1.25 Litre.
  • Rust-proof food-grade stainless steel drum.
  • Lightweight and compact size.
  • ABS plastic body.
  • Patented conical stones.
  • Warranty period: 5 years.

The powerful copper winding motor present in this machine assures ideal grinding at a constant speed. This compact-sized mini wet grinder holds the motor of 85 Watts, making it a low noise and lightweight product. 

The 1.25L capacity drum attached with this wet grinder ensures that the batter prepared is not spoiled or contaminated because the drum is made of rust-proof AISI 304 food-grade stainless steel. Also, you can store batter in this drum for a long time. 

Like Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold wet grinder, Ultra Mini compact too utilizes patented conical stones. Conical stones perform grinding and prepare batter that provides soft, fluffy idlis and generates less heat while grinding. 

Ultra Mini compact is straightforward to operate as compared to other wet grinders. The easy to clean feature, along with an extended warranty period and compact size, makes it the best wet grinder for small families.

  • Very easy to operate.
  • Demands very little space.
  • Makes low noise while working.
  • Lightweight, robust and durable machine.
  • Prepare soft, fluffy idlis.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • No timer function.
  • No multiple speed settings.
  • Low wattage motor.
  • Available without cleaning instruments.

6. SmartFingers 120W Wet Grinder, White


Smartfingers is one of the top-rated wet grinders with positive reviews and affordable prices. The 5-year warranty assures that the product is highly durable and long-lasting. Rich looks and attractive features allow you to perform hand free grinding and effortless cleaning of the machine. 

Key Features

  • Hands-Free Batter Dispatch.
  • Hygienic, centre-locking, spring-free knob.
  • 120W copper winding motor.
  • 2L capacity.
  • Rust-proof stainless steel drum.
  • Triple grinding stones (cylindrical).
  • ABS plastic body.
  • Stainless steel stone holder.
  • Warranty: 5 years.
  • Shock Proof body.

The unique feature of Smartfingers wet grinder is hands-free batter dispatch that allows you to collect batter easily from the drum to the utensil. Such a process will keep your batter fresh and free from contamination. 

The stainless steel drum of rust proof material owning 2L capacity guarantees that the batter prepared does not get polluted even after storing it for an extended period. Also, 2L capacity assures that one can purchase Smart Fingers wet grinder for large families to prepare batter in large quantities.

The Lid covering the stainless steel drum allows you to add water easily inside the drum without opening such Lid. Also, it is transparent and can not break easily.

The feature that separates SmartFingers Comfort Plus from other wet grinders is the cylindrical grinding stones. Here, 3 grinding stones are present for fine and efficient grinding, while other wet grinders are available with two grinding stones. Also, here present rolling grinding stones are lightweight and very easy to clean.

Such lighter & multi-speed triple grinding stones perform grinding similarly to the traditional grinding method, and the batter prepared here ensures soft idlis and crispy dosas.   

Stainless steel stone holder is another valuable quality of smart fingers wet grinders that holds the grinding stones perfectly and makes them durable and robust. 

The 120W heavy-duty copper winding motor runs at a constant speed and prepares quality batter suddenly. Here its constant speed never heats up the batter and constantly performs efficient grinding. 

The lightweight, durable, & elegant ABS plastic body with hygienic, centre-locking, spring-free knob presents it as a must-buy product for your home. Also, one can’t ignore its 5 year warranty period.

  • Hands-free grinding and easy cleaning.
  • Automatic batter dispatch.
  • Rust-resistant, durable and lightweight body.
  • No heating issue with the machine.
  • Cleaning is just a matter of pouring water and flicking the switch.
  • Water can be added directly through the Lid.
  • Compact sized machine.
  • Motor speed: 1350 RPM.
  • Spatula for mixing, spreading.
  • No timer function.

7. Butterfly Rhino Plus Wet Grinder, 2L (Grey) , 150W


The butterfly company has been manufacturing kitchen products for the past five decades, spreading its awesomeness, productivity, and excellence across innumerable houses. 

The brand continuously updates its previous products with new advanced features to make your kitchen experience even more delightful and engaging. 

Key Features

  • Low-cost, lightweight, & compact-sized.
  • Sturdy high torque single phase motor, 150W.
  • ABS plastic body.
  • Capacity: 2L.
  • Detachable stainless steel drum.
  • Unbreakable and transparent arm lid.
  • 2 Conical grinding stones.
  • Warranty: 2 years.
  • Motor Overload Protection.

Butterfly Rhino Plus is known for its elegant look, compact-sized, low cost, and durability. This wet grinder is perfectly suitable for large families, and you can perform grinding in large quantities due to its vast capacity.

The large detachable drum of 2-liter capacity comes with this wet grinder and is made of stainless steel material. Its rust-proof ability permits you to store batter in the drum for an extended period without any hassle, assuring that batter stored would not get contaminated, infected, or attached to the walls of the drum. 

The Sturdy high torque single phase motor of 150 Watts is equipped in the machine, making the wet grinder responsible for efficient grinding. The motor operates with constant speed, and its uniform grinding pressure never heats up the batter. The wet grinder operates with a single speed of 1300 RPM.  

The motor overload protection feature of Butterfly Rhino Plus wet grinder protects the motor in case of any abnormalities i.e, either overloading or overheating of the motor. This protects you from any random accident caused due to such irregularities and allows you hassle-free working in the kitchen.

The superior quality conical grinding stones perform fine and efficient grinding. Grinding stones are available in such a shape that they perfectly fit inside the drum and prepare a batter, guaranteeing soft and fluffy idlis.

The ABS plastic body of Butterfly Rhino Plus represents it as a shockproof and heat-resistant wet grinder. Also, ABS plastic bodies are tough to break. ABS plastic body covers and protects the motor perfectly.

  • Shock-proof and heat-resistant body.
  • Atta kneader and coconut scraper as additional attachments.
  • Portable and convenient size product.
  • Can grind continuously for 20 minutes.
  • Aesthetically designed body.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • No heating issue with the grinder.
  • No Safety Lock.
  • Not dishwasher safe.
  • Operating noise is high.

8. Havells Alai 2 Litre 150 watt Wet Grinder (Pink)


Havells is the best-wet grinder brand in India for home and kitchen appliances. The products manufactured by the Havells are known for durability, performance, elegant design, and robust body. 

Havells Alai is the innovative and highly rated wet grinder with remarkable peculiarities among all other top products of Havells. It is a perfect fit for large family kitchens due to its delicate and large grinding capacity. One must acquire Havells Alai for soft and fluffy idlis.

Key Features

  • 2L stainless steel multi-purpose drum.
  • 150W powerful motor (1440 RPM).
  • Transparent break-resistant polycarbonate lid.
  • Thermal overload protector.
  • 2 grinding stones with a cutting groove.
  • Lightweight, stylish and durable.
  • ABS plastic body.
  • Warranty: 2 years (body), 5 years (motor).

The wet grinders are honored as the best wet grinders through their grinding ability and quality of batter prepared.

Havells Alai owns 2 uniquely designed grinding stones with cutting grooves responsible for fine grinding and batter quality. Here one grinding stone is present with 2 cutting grooves, while the other is available with 3 cutting grooves for effective grinding.

The robust and heavy-duty motor plays a crucial role in the performance of a wet grinder. After grinding stones, a wet grinder motor is the must look factor to judge grinding and batter quality. 

Havells Alai is equipped with a 150W motor that operates at the constant speed of 1440 Revolutions per minute. This high torque single phase motor ensures effective grinding without any cause of heating.

The multipurpose stainless steel drum of 2 Litre capacity can also store batter for a long period as its rust-proof ability makes it multipurpose in nature.  

The transparent Lid made of polycarbonate allows you to check grinding and the nature of batter without interrupting the process. Also, the polycarbonate material is break-resistant; therefore the lid is very tough to break.

Havells Alai is available with a motor overload protection feature that protects the motor from overloading and overheating. The thermal overload protector will automatically stop the motor if found any abnormalities. This motor protection is necessary for the user’s safety as well as the high performance and durability of the motor. 

Also, the coconut scrapper is present here as an additional attachment and in a conical shape that scrapes coconut to absolute fineness for tastier chutney. 

  • Perfectly suitable for large families.
  • Coconut scraper as an additional attachment.
  • Motor overload protection.
  • No heating issue with the machine.
  • Spatula for mixing and spreading.
  • Maintenance is effortless.
  • Noise-free working.
  • Only single-speed setting.

9. PREMIER Wonder 95W Wet Grinder, Silver


Premier wonder is known for manufacturing robust quality products. The body of PREMIER Wonder wet grinders is made of rust-proof stainless steel, adding an elegant look and long-lasting quality. This wet grinder would be a worthy addition to your small family kitchen. 

Key Features

  • 95W heavy-duty motor.
  • Compact body and classic design.
  • Stainless steel body.
  • 1.5L capacity.
  • Rust-proof stainless steel drum.
  • 2 High-quality Grinding stones.

The 1.5L capacity drum is ideal for grinding rice, pulses in enough quantity for batter preparation. Rust-proof stainless steel material assures that batter prepared is neither corrupted nor dissipated. Also, the rust-proof ability of the drum allows you to store batter for an extended period. 

The heavy-duty motor present here in the machine completes all the grinding tasks quickly and with excellent efficiency.

The motor operates with constant speed and consumes hardly 95W power. The constant speed ensures that heat generated is significantly less and batter prepared is of superior quality. 

Along with motor and drum, the quality and material of grinding stones played a comprehensive role in preparing the batter in order to offer you soft, fluffy idlis with authentic Indian flavor. 

Premier wonder wet grinder handles two high-quality grinding stones to perform delicate and precise grinding. 

Some of the unique qualities Premier wonder wet grinder possesses: easy to clean ability, lightweight body, low noise during operation, classic design, and compact size for easy carrying. 

  • Perfect for family kitchens.
  • Easy to operate and handle.
  • Generates very low noise while grinding.
  • Easy cleaning of the machine.
  • Occupies very little space.
  • No timer function.
  • You may experience a burning smell during the first usage.

We have discussed the reviews in a comprehensive manner of all the above mentioned wet grinders. All the listed wet grinders are perfect for your kitchen. The listed wet grinders are not in priority order, all of them are of superior quality, and you can pick any wet grinder as per your need.

How Do We Select The Best Wet Grinders For Our List?

To shortlist the best wet grinder, we focused on the following factors on a priority basis. Also, we study both sides, i.e. pros and cons of the product, before mentioning it in our list. 

Features and specialties

Features and specifications are the priority factors to look about to pick the topmost wet grinder. Here, we focus on the functional features and the technical specification before mentioning the product in the list of best wet grinders available in India.

The products picked here hold all the advanced features that meet the consumers’ needs. The innovative features of the products make them suitable for modern kitchens. The factors focussed here are:

Motor: The wet grinders that hold robust, heavy-duty copper winding motors are preferred over other wet grinders equipped with the same wattage motor.

These copper winded motors are high torque motors that run consistently, generating less heat and ensuring motor durability. As wet grinders are only suitable for grinding soaked grains and preparing the batter, a motor consuming 100-400 Watts power is ideal for family kitchens.  

Capacity: The capacity of the wet grinder decides based on the capability of the drum to perform grinding. Capacity is a factor looked after by a high torque motor for effective grinding.

We have picked and mentioned the products of different wet grinding capacities in our list that buyers can decide and purchase based on the quantity of batter to be prepared. 

Grinding stones: When deciding the grinding stones, we focused on the two points a) type of grinding stones, b) material quality of grinding stones.

types of grinding stones

Grinding stones are available in different shapes and sizes, but we select only those wet grinders that include conical grinding stones or cylindrical stones with cutting grooves. Both types of stones are preferred for fine grinding and preparing batter that provides authentic Indian taste. Conical and cylindrical grinding stones never heat the batter and provide it with higher fermentation.  

The material quality of grinding stones needs to be focussed on because grinding stones made of good quality material will never contaminate batter and are responsible for fine grinding and a real taste of idlis, dosas. 

Drum Material: Only those wet grinders are picked that are equipped with high-quality rust-proof stainless steel drums. All the drums carried with wet grinders are multipurpose drums that can store batter for an extended period. 

Warranty: After all the features mentioned above, the most crucial factor to focus on is the warranty period of wet grinders.

You may face unexpected technical issues or damage issues after some period of use; in this situation, the warranty performs an excellent role. When the product is under warranty period, it can be replaced easily without any difficulty. All the above-listed wet grinders are available with a 2-5 years warranty period.

Other Factors: Factors such as effortless maintenance of product, durability, long-lasting nature, easy to clean ability, and low operating noise are also essential qualities that a wet grinder must possess to represent itself as a consumer-friendly product. 


If a wet grinder holds all the innovative and excellent features but is too expensive and cannot be afforded by a commoner, then all the advanced features are useless.

So it is the responsibility of brands to manufacture such products that, along with advanced peculiarities, must be afforded by every Indian for their modern kitchen. Therefore all the products listed above are not only feature-rich but affordable too.

Customer Reviews

Only features and affordability of the wet grinder can not give us a clear idea about its performance and service for the long run. Therefore, customer reviews and ratings about the product on online shopping platforms like Amazon, Flipkart play a significant and meaningful role in deciding the wet grinder for our list.

Their honest reviews after a month of use provide us with complete knowledge and satisfaction that the products we mentioned in the list are ideal or not for our customers and their families. 

Service after sale

The factor that makes the company a trending brand in the market is their customer’s support and service after the sale. We do not mention products based on only features, warranty, and affordability, but customer support is also the critical factor that is focused on before considering a product for the list.

Quality service after-sale is necessary for the buyer’s convenience, the company’s reputation, and customer retargeting. Therefore we mentioned products of only such brands that are capable of providing good customer support. 


The products of only those brands are specified in our list that are trusted, authorized, and capable of providing excellent service and customer support. 

Best wet grinder in India – Topmost Buying Guide (2022)

best wet grinder in India -  buying guide

In the market, there are numerous types of kitchen appliances available for modern Indian kitchens. Availability of appliances like food processors, mixer grinders, wet grinders in the market reduced the human efforts required for performing all time-consuming tasks by their hands. 

Wet grinders are the perfect appliances for grinding soaked grains, lentils, kneading Atta, scraping coconut, and preparing the batter for idlis, dosas. 

After the growing demand for all such appliances and seeing this as an opportunity, countless companies started manufacturing food processors, wet grinders of different prices and features. 

Buyers may be confused regarding their needs and budget after looking at influential advertisements running consistently on youtube, google, and television. As a result, they may purchase a product that is not the perfect fit according to their requirement.

Therefore, we have written this detailed buying guide with the intention to help buyers so that they can purchase the right wet grinder for their home. 

Different types of wet grinders available in market

Three types of wet grinders are available in the Indian market 

  • Commercial wet grinder.
  • Table Top wet grinder.
  • Tilting wet grinder.

Commercial wet grinder: These wet grinders are large in size and capacity. They are mainly used professionally or in large family kitchens for grinding in vast quantities.

A commercial wet grinder can grind and prepare batter quickly in large amounts. Also, the size and operating noise of these wet grinders are more extensive than regular home wet grinders. 

Table Top wet grinder: These are regular wet grinders used in medium-size family kitchens on a daily basis. They can handle all wet grinding and atta kneading tasks easily.

Generally, table top wet grinders of 2-3 litre capacity are the most preferable ones. Hence, they are manufactured for small or medium-sized family kitchens; portability, durability, lightweight, and compact size are the crucial features of these wet grinders.

Tilting wet grinders: Tilting wet grinders are similar to table top wet grinders; the only difference is that they own a tilting feature that allows us to remove batter from a drum to other utensils.

Buyers can easily tilt such a wet grinder without facing any trouble or issue of hand operations. Other features are similar to table top wet grinders.

Important factors to consider before buying a wet grinder

1. Capacity: First of all, while deciding the best wet grinder for your home, you must check your grinding expectation in terms of quantity from the wet grinder according to your family size.

If you live in a medium-sized or joint family, then a wet grinder of 2-4 litres capacity is the perfect fit. You can purchase the wet grinder holding a drum of capacity as per your need. All factors appear in the process after you decide the required capacity. 

2. Motor: After deciding the capacity of the wet grinder as per your family’s need, the next factor you must focus on is motor ability. If you demand fast grinding and also in large quantities, then a motor consuming 100W-300W power is an ideal choice.

A motor will decide how fast and effective the machine will work and prepare batter for your idli, dosas, so you must select a wet grinder that carries a robust, heavy-duty copper winded motor. 

3. Grinding Stones: Grinding stones are responsible for the dynamic execution of a wet grinder. When deciding on a wet grinder for home,  one must ensure that it contains either conical grinding stones or cylindrical grinding stones with cutting grooves for high-grade grinding performance and excellent batter quality.  

4. Material: Rust-proof stainless steel drum and food-grade ABS plastic body of the wet grinder is needed for the durability and high performance of the wet grinder.

The rust-proof drum is a multipurpose drum that can store batter for a long time without contaminating it. The ABS body can not break easily and provides the perfect grinding environment.  

5. Timer function: Timer allows you to finish your other tasks also at the same time because when you set the timer on the wet grinder, your work remains here is just to add all the raw material in the drum, set the timer, and switch on the machine while the remaining work will be finished perfectly by machine. Also, the machine stops working after the specific time you set for it and will start producing buzzing noise.

So if you go with a wet grinder that includes a timer function, it would be an excellent addition to your kitchen.  

6. Warranty: As we discussed earlier, a warranty is an essential factor to consider before buying any product in order to face its unusual technical or damage issue. But, when a product is in warranty, it can be easily replaced or returned. Here, we mention only that product which holds 2-5 years warranty for your convenience. 

7. Other factors: You must also consider factors like portability, lightweight, compact-sized, motor overload protection, durability, low operating noise, coconut scraper, & atta kneader as additional attachments, and customer rating before making a final decision of buying a particular wet grinder. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Wet Grinders

1. What is the best wet grinder for home use?

When selecting a wet grinder for home use, one must focus on portability, compact size, lightweight nature, good warranty period, and durability of wet grinder.

Elgi Ultra Perfect+ Wet Grinder, 2 L (White), is the best wet grinder for home use because of its large capacity, heavy-duty motor, and patented Conical grinding Stones, along with all the required features. 

2. Which is the best tilting wet grinder in India?

Ponmani Power Plus 225W Wet Grinder is the best tilting wet grinder in India. Tilting wet grinder reduces the human effort required in removing the batter from the drum to other utensils. It supports the tilting technique in order to remove batter easily without detaching the drum from the machine. 

3. Best wet grinder brand in India?

Elgi Ultra, Panasonic, Ponmani, Ultra mini, PREMIER Wonder, Butterfly, SmartFingers, and Havells are India’s best wet grinder brands.

The brand that provides advanced & innovative features and excellent customer support & service after sales are the one that deserves the recognition of the best brands in India.

4. What can we grind in wet grinder?

Wet grinders are used to grind soaked grains, lentils, and scraped coconut to prepare coconut chutneys. Wet grinding, batter preparation for idlis, dosas, atta kneading, etc., are the beneficial uses of the wet grinder. 

Before buying a wet grinder, make sure that you do not use it to grind hard masalas, turmeric because wet grinders are equipped with a motor that is not suitable for tough grinding.

5. Which Watt is best for a wet grinder?


Wet grinders are used to grind soaked grains, lentils, scraped coconuts, and prepare a fine paste for idlis, dosas. Therefore wet grinders of 100-400 watts are ideal for family kitchens. Unnecessary buying a wet grinder of high wattage will increase your electricity bill. 

6. What is the cost of a wet grinder?

Wet grinders of the range 5000-10,000 are the perfect fit for family kitchens. If you are looking for the best wet grinder for your family kitchen, then you must select the one that offers high-level features, excellent customer support, and a good warranty period. 
The price of a wet grinder depends on the peculiarities, warranty, and buyer support it offers. A large capacity and heavy-duty motor wet grinders range from 6k-10k, while a small capacity wet grinder ranges from 3000-7000. 

7. What is table top grinder?

A Portable, compact-sized, lightweight wet grinder used in the family kitchens, holding medium to large capacity stainless steel drum with 2-3 grinding stones, and outfitted with a heavy-duty motor of 50W-500W known as table top wet grinder.

Elegant look, attractive features, affordable price, and a 2-5 years warranty period are the specialties of tabletop wet grinders.

8. Which is better: Wet Grinder or Mixer Grinder?

Mixer grinder is capable of performing grinding, mixing, juicing of all types of food ingredients. Also, if the mixer grinder holds a motor of more than 750W, it can perform tough grinding efficiently and quickly.  But it performs all such functions through stainless steel blades. 

The wet grinder is only used for grinding wet ingredients and preparing the batter for idlis, dosas, etc, but wet grinders perform all such tasks through the grinding stones that provide real and authentic Indian taste in dishes. 

Therefore, if you demand natural flavour and genuine taste, you must go with a wet grinder; otherwise, a mixer grinder is a good choice. 

9. How do I choose a wet grinder?

Factors to consider while choosing a wet grinder
Drum Capacity
Motor Wattage
Types of grinding stone.
Number of grinding stones
Body material.
Warranty period.
Easy maintenance
Customer reviews.
Company’s Customer support.

10. Are grinders dishwasher safe?

Yes, most of the wet grinders are dishwasher safe. You can easily clean them with soft hot water. Also, whether the wet grinder is dishwasher safe or not is clearly mentioned in the product description on Amazon. If it is not mentioned there, then you must take care while cleaning a particular wet grinder. 

11. How to clean a wet grinder after use? 

Wet grinders are very easy to clean; just add water to the drum and run it. Also, the batter cleaner available with a wet grinder can easily clean the grinding stones and collect the batter that gets sticks on the drum walls.

Final words

All the products we have mentioned here are excellent in quality, service, and working. All the listed ones are heavy-duty wet grinders capable of performing each task efficiently and are available at affordable prices in the market.

After performing comprehensive research, we have listed them in our list, so you must not worry about the product’s quality and durability. All of them are capable of continuously maintaining positive customer reviews and ratings. 

Hope this article will stop your journey of searching for the best wet grinder in the market and contribute to an ideal wet grinding machine for your modern kitchen.

If you have any further questions regarding the wet grinder machine, please tell us in the comment section. We are always here to help you. Also, inform us in the comment section or through the email that Are you able to purchase the best wet grinder for your home?

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